Your dns server might be unavailable windows 8, 7, Wifi, comcast, detected

Your DNS server might be unavailable Windows 8, Windows 7, and also how to fix your DNS server might be unavailable wifi, Comcast, detected, router, Netgear router, Verizon and more you can get from this article. Your DNS server might be unavailable on Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. So, let’s repair DNS troubles in Windows.

Internet Association is a have to in any machine to make sure e-mails, surf stuff, attach with friends, etc. So, Windows 8/8.1 by Microsoft is intended in such a method that it should effort completely in almost all devices. “Your DNS server might be unavailable.“ So, the answer for the DNS error is explained as in below.

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 Your dns server might be unavailable fix

Your DNS Server Might be unavailable 

If the difficulty still stands, then you will contain to “flush the DNS” to repair the problem. Follow the below steps in command to “flush the DNS.”

Step 1: Open Run (Press Windows + R) and type “cmd.exe” and hit enter.


Step 2: By above step, cmd window will unlock.

Step 3: Type the below commands one by one and then hit enter after every one.

ipconfig flushdns

“ipconfig /flushdns”

“ipconfig /release”

“ipconfig /renew”


Step 4: Complete the process.

Your DNS Server might Be Unavailable Wifi

Are you occurring into DNS errors when you attempt to load a website or attach to your network? The Domain Name Server (DNS) is a server that interprets website’s tackles so that your browser can attach to them. Occasionally,

You can misplace association to the server, through moreover dishonest settings or troubles on the server’s end. If you are, have got a problem of “your DNS server might be unavailable” then see the below steps to learn how to troubleshoot your troubles.

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Your dns server might be unavailable

Steps to ‘your DNS server might be unavailable” in WIFI connection

Step 1: Verifying Your Connection

Firstly check your WIFI connection where is the trouble is occurring.

Step 2: Try to access a web page from the second device.

Next, you can effort to access a web page from any other appliance.

Step 3: Power cycle your modem and router.

Then you can check where is the problem is occurring if the power cable is not worked with the router.

Step 4: If you’re using a mobile apparatus you can go to >settings>mobile data and rearrange the configurations.

Your DNS Server Might Be Unavailable Windows 7

DNS Probe Finished No Internet Error complete guide you can follow here. All I have terminated is misshapen my PCs automatically get the grasp of DNS server addresses to Open DNS. On the internet, the biggest problems occur by DNS server. In the below, we provided the solution for “your DNS server might be unavailable” problems.

Steps for “your DNS might be unavailable” in Windows 7

  • Go to the Control Panel
  • Tick Network and the Internet, then Network and Sharing Centre, and click Change adapter settings.
  • Choose the association for which you desire to configure Google Public DNS.
  • To modify the settings for a wireless link, right-click Wireless Network Connection, and click Properties.
  • Pick the Networking tab. Under This link uses the following items, click Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4), and then click Properties.
  • Click Advanced and choose the DNS tab. If there are any DNS server IP addresses listed there, write them down for prospect orientation, and take away them from this window.
  • Click OK.
  • Put back any breathing addresses with the IP addresses of the Google or OpenDNS DNS server addresses.
  • Restart the connection.

Your DNS Server Might Be Unavailable Comcast

Comcast’s DNS (Domain Name System) service to not succeed. It isn’t the primary, or last, time that an ISP’s DNS has failed. Even when the for-profit ISPs’ DNS are working correctly, they don’t be inclined to the occupation that well. Fortunately, there are improved options.

Steps to “your DNS server might be unavailable” Comcast

My two favorites are OpenDNS and Google Public DNS.

· Whereas OpenDNS offers additional waged forces, such as Web content filtering, both proffer gratis and earlier DNS support.

· To make use of OpenDNS’ DNS facility, you can set up a free Basic Account, but to just obtain the advantage of its DNS, all you require do is set up your local router and PCs to use and for their DNS settings. With Google Public DNS, you do the same thing apart from you use these DNS Internet Protocol addresses: and

Your DNS Server Might Be Unavailable Detected

If your PC has detected the type of DNS problem, then you can detect using the following method.

Run Network Troubleshooter.

Open the Network troubleshooter by hitting on the right border of the screen,

tapping look for or if you’re using a mouse, pointing to the upper-right corner of the screen, moving the mouse pointer down.

Then clicking Search, entering network troubleshooter in the search box, tapping or clicking Settings,

Then tapping or clicking recognizes and mend system problems.

Flush DNS and ask for a recent IP address from your ISP server by following these steps.

· Click Start

· Click run

· In the run box type cmd.exe and click OK

· When the command prompt opens type the following. ENTER after every new line.

-ipconfig /flushdns

-ipconfig /release

-ipconfig /renew


Your DNS Server Might Be Unavailable Router

Are you looking for a solution for “your DNS server Might be unavailable” for Router? If yes, you are correct to place. Here we provided the solution for all types of the DNS problems goes through it.

Step 1: Plug your computer directly into your modem.

Check your router connection it correct or not, means it will connect directly to your modem or not.

Step 2: Enter in alternate DNS servers.

Then you can open the other DNS servers address into the address bar of run prompt.

Step3: Reset your router

After replacing they then reset your router connection.

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Your DNS Server Might Be Unavailable Netgear Router

Here we provided the solution for DNS problems for netgear router also. Follow the below steps to solve the “your DNS server might be unavailable” problem.

Steps to your DNS server might be unavailable Netgear Router

· Right of entry the router web configuration

· Go to Basic Settings

· Choose “Use these DNS Servers.”

· Enter the DNS addresses given by your ISP (or or or use other public DNS services like OpenDNS)

· Click Apply

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Your DNS Server Might Be Unavailable Verizon

Steps for Verizon FIOS router for the problem of your DNS Server might be the unavailable problem.

Setting Up OpenDNS or Google DNS for Your Verizon FIOS Router

Step 1: Login to our router

Step 2: Go to the Network Icon then go to Network connections

Step 3: There list of network connections then click on broadband connection

Step 4: Go to Settings

Step 5: Then enter the alternate DNS server addresses

Step 6: Click to Proceed.

So now how to fix DNS server might be unavailable Windows 8, 7, XP, and also how to fix DNS server might be unavailable wifi guide hope you can understand,

If you have any questions regards des server might be unavailable on any device tell us, Keep visit for more about DNS server might be unavailable.


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