9 Ways to fix DNS probe finished no internet Error windows 10, 8, 7 Android

Most of the people are using daily internet, and some are facing DNS probe finished no internet error code in Mac and Windows, So it is clear that how to fix dns_probe_finished_no_internet with DNS probe finished no internet windows 8, windows 7, android ubuntu very useful for these who were facing this issue, So today we are sharing best guide today we are sharing with you, After share about how to fix DNS probe finished nxdomain now we are talking about this topic.

We know that internet access Problems is quite common in these days. But we get more frustrated if we lose our internet connection. We get even more frustrated if we don’t know the reason why we lose our internet connection. Internet connection will be lost due to many reasons. Let us read more about this in brief and know how to fix this common error in you PC and also in other devices.

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DNS probe finished no internet

How to Fix DNS probe finished no internet windows 8, 7 androids, MAC

In common when you lose internet connection you usually see DNS Probe finished no internet connection. DNS Problems are due to many reasons, and we can solve these Problems by different methods. Now I am here to state the steps to significant the DNS Probe finished no internet connection Problems. I have gone through several concepts based on this DNS probe finished no internet problems, and I am sure these are very useful to solve your DNS Problems.

I got the direct link to solve my DNS Problems of DNS probe finished no internet but in all the cases these may not be direct, and we should go through step by step Process to solve DNS probe finished no internet. So based on all your requirements I gave the following methods to solve the DNS Problems. I have also listed these methods based on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 to choice the problem.

Before the steps to be discussed, I would like to say few more things that DNS Probe finished no internet connection will occur in case if you don’t have the internet connection or it may happen due to router Problems. Check all these Probabilities though you don’t get the solution for DNS probe finished no internet go for the steps that are followed.

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Fix dns_probe_finished_no_internet

Method 1: By Changing IP

DNS I mean DNS probe finished no internet is a small issue if you go through my concept. It is the most common Problem in DNS Probe finished no internet connection. And most of the People get irritated with this Problem. In the first step, go to the network and sharing centre by right clicking on your Windows taskbar.

  1. Then go to the Properties of local area connection through a new window.
  2. Then select Internet Protocol version 4 and go with the Properties again.
  3. Then select radio button using new window that helps to enter the DNS server address and
  4. In the DNS server address, box types the following code
  5. In the alternate internet, DNS server box types the following code

After typing the required code, you could find validate settings upon exit box, click ok which states that you accept the necessary condition.

Changing IP

With these steps, you could change your DNS address. The codes that I entered above may not be same in all cases. Those are the free DNS server systems to solve DNS probe finished no internet, and you can enter any of the free DNS server address codes. You could also change DNS server systems by any of the codes of DNS. If this is your Problem for getting DNS Probe finished no internet connection, you can be solved happily.

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Once after changing the DNS address try to load the web Pages if the Pages are loaded, you can browse the net to check the problem of DNS probe finished no internet is solved or not?

In case the Pages are not charged, and if you can see this error, it means that was not the Problem, and you should go for another method. Don’t worry there I am with few more methods to solve ” DNS Probe finished no internet” connection. First time I was seen a website this issue.

Method 2: Via WiFi ROUTERS

The second problem in DNS probe removes no internet connection is due to routers. When you access the internet through wifi routers also play a key role in internet access problems. Hence routers are also regarded as one of the important questions for getting DNS probe finished no internet connection. To make this issue, the thing you have to do is rebooting the router.


If you restart the router all the threads in the router will be lost, and there is a chance of accessing the internet. Router settings can be consulted through the URLs given below. With the URLs provided below, you can access your any brand with the web.

  • TP-link –
  • Linksys –
  • 3Com –
  • D-Link –
  • Belkin –
  • Netgear –
  • Micromax –

If there are any threads in the router, you could not access the internet through wifi, but you can access through cable. Now a day’s most of the people are using routers for internet access, all the smartphones have the option of wifi so you should be aware of this problem also to solve DNS probe finished no internet.

When this problem of DNS probe finished no internet occurs, Then you just failing the data and reboot the router. So that problem will be solved. Though if seems you’re your problem is not solved just turn off the router and on it after that unplug the power supply of router and then after 5 minutes plugin so that that power supply will be apparent on your router.

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After doing so, you should just once load the pages if the pages are loaded you can access your internet otherwise go for next method. Don’t worry I have still some more ways of solving problems.

Method 3: Clearing unwanted cache

The one more method to solve the problem of displaying DNS Probe finished no internet connection is by clearing cache in the systems. Cache memory it occupies all the memory that is not useful or not necessary, so by making the cache memory we have an option for solving our problem.

Now you may have a question of ‘how to clear cache?’ Keeping you and, I am here to say how to clear cache. To clear cache in google chrome browser, from the top corner click on customise and control button and then go to settings in that.

clear unwanted cache

After going to settings scroll down the cursor till you see advanced settings options. After finding the advanced settings get into it and under Privacy section, you will find an option of clearing browsing data. Click on that, and your cache will be cleared. You can also clear cache images from a new window that says cookies and other plugs.

And now the time for clearing cache in Firefox. To clear cache in Firefox, it’s very easy just go to history and click on clear recent history so that your cache is cleared. Now after clearing the caches in your system once try to load the pages if they were loaded you are lucky that your problem of displaying DNS Probe finished no internet connection is, solved and you can browse happily. If not so, you go with the fourth method that follows.

Method 4: Reinstall Browser

You can also solve the DNS problem by reinstalling the browser. There is one probability of solving the problem of displaying DNS Probe finished no internet connection by reinstalling a new browser that you have never installed.

By installing a new browser, you can browse through that browser also. New browser says that it is free and it can be used happily. New browser doesn’t have any history, and there will not be the malware related issue.

Malware also effects the internet access problems hence new browser is used for solving the problem of displaying DNS Probe finished no internet connection. Try to access the internet in the new browser if accessed be happy and browse if not go for the fifth method that follows.

Method 5: Changing IP in Mac

Ip address may also cause the problem of losing internet connection. IP address plays a vital role in web accessing the world a small change in IP address leads to losing in internet connection. IP address is the sensitive aspect of accessing the internet connection.

An IP must be given correctly to access the internet in case if you give the wrong IP address and try to connect the internet it never happens in this life span. Every system should be allotted with an IP address to access the internet. Hence IP address is also a key thing to access the internet without displaying DNS Probe finished no internet connection.

If the reason is IP don’t worries follow the following steps?

  • First, open the Windows command prompt by typing cmd in windows search box and hit enter.
  • Then in that box type ipconfig /release and then press ok.
  • Once you are up with your work, then type ipconfig /renew.
  • Then press ok again.

You must be very clear while typing the ip address and see that you don’t type any wrong in IP address.


If you are clear and done with the process try to open the pages of your wish if they were not opened your problem is still in progress. If you think that the problem is with IP address only do the process once again and enter a new IP address that will be given by your operator.

I am sure that there will not be any problem more than the things that I suggested regarding the IP address. Hope you got my stuff that I suggested. It is the clear explanation about IP address and if this, not the problem I am here with few more methods of solving displaying DNS Probe finished no internet connection.

Method 6: Checking the effect of malware

The sixth method for solving the problem of DNS that is DNS Probe finished no internet connection is checking firewall and internet settings. Malware I hope you all heard this word this an irritating word for the browsers because it harms systems and slows the process of systems.

Few websites cause the malware to the network and if we use is first clicked anti-malware that malware will be detected. Most of the gaming sites will be affected with malware and if we are lazy and run our system when malware is detected that harms the system.

Now we are speaking about DNS problems and reasons for losing the internet connection, and now I relate how malware affects for failing of internet connection. Malware slows the system and during that time if we don’t check the firewall and internet settings they get changed due to malware and connection will be lost.

So check the firewall and internet settings in all cases and clear the problems of displaying DNS problems of losing internet connections. If you still don’t get your internet connection goes with the methods that follow.


Method 7: Uninstalling the websites that filter software

The one more way of solving DNS is uninstalling any site that filters software. If you are using sites that are filtering the software, then you should disable that software. Sometimes you may get an error for few websites only in that case you should disable and then enable the filtering sites.

It is only one of the best reasons for losing the internet connections so be aware of this also so that it will help you to solve your DNS problems. I hope you got your internet connection. If you still don’t get your internet connections, I am here with few options why you cannot access your internet access.

Method 8: Changes in adapter settings.

The first step is to check whether there is a proper internet connection or not. If there is good internet connections go with the above solutions. Shortcut lists follows to changes in internet connections

Step 1. Go to Control Panel through start menu

Step 2. Go to network status and tasks under Networking and the Internet.

Networking and Internet

Step 3. Make changes in adapter settings.

Step 4. Go to properties and make right click on properties

Step 5. Select Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6), and then click Properties.

Protocol Version 6

Step 6. Select Obtain an IPv6 address automatically, select Obtain DNS servers address automatically, and then click OK.

Step 7. Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4), and then click Properties.

Step 8. Select Obtain an IP address automatically, select Obtain DNS servers address automatically, and then click OK.

Method 9: Using command prompt

Another configuration is first clicked on Start menu then type command prompt in the Search Programs and files box. From there right-click Command Prompt and over there give a right click and run as administrator.

  • Press Windows +R Key


  • Now Simply type CMD and hit enter.

ipconfig flushdns

  • In the command prompt option type the following commands. Press Enter after each command.

ipconfig /flushdns

ipconfig /registered

ipconfig /release

ipconfig /renew


I hope these clues will help you out in solving the problems. And if the problem gets solved enjoy the browsing otherwise contact your customer care nearby you. Hence these are my ways of resolving the issue of DNS probe finished no internet problems.

Whatever may be the windows the DNS problems will be same but in windows 7 and windows 8 there will be few configuration settings will be changed? DNS settings mainly occur due to others problems which I mentioned above but not due to windows 7 or windows 8 or windows 10. Windows are based on their configurations, speed, etc. , but DNS problems don’t occur due to these settings. Finally, I would like to give a shortcut suggestion to solve DNS probe finished no internet.


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